Watch some of our animated videos to quickly learn a little more about our company,  and our containers, part racks, reels and spools.

Streator Dependable Plant Tour and Overview

Custom Reels & Spools

In need of a metal reel or spool to transport or store wire, hose, tubing or fiber optics? Streator Dependable can help.

Returnable Part Racks

Save time, money and space with steel part racks

The Streator Method

At Streator Dependable the process of reworking containers is thorough and painstaking.

No Cutting Corners

At Streator Dependable, we believe in producing products that create solutions rather than problems, and we never compromise quality by taking shortcuts.

Custom Fabrication

Streator Dependable is an industry expert when it comes to steel fabrication. We can produce custom parts for sub-assemblies to entire product lines. See how Streator Dependable can assist you in determining and supplying your manufacturing needs.

Flexibility Comes Standard

While not many things come standard at Streator Dependable, you can always count on our flexibility. Generally speaking, you can have whatever you want; however you want it, and we pride ourselves on our ability to provide exactly what our customers request.

Part Racks

Helping the assembly line assemble.

Part Racks help streamline your manufacturing process. See how Streator Depenable can help develop a part handling solution to meet your needs.

Pallets and Containers

Steel Pallets and containers help move, organize and arrange your parts or products during the manufacturing process.

Custom made for your needs.

Streator Dependable Offers Custom Fabrication

Streator Dependable works with its customers to provide custom industrial fabrication designed around your manufacturing process.

Streamline your productivity. Visit

Streator Dependable Wire Baskets

See how Streator Dependable's Wire Baskets can add another option to your manufacturing and storage process.

Steel and Aluminum Pallets, a great alternative to wood or plastic

Metal pallets offer great durability and the strength to withstand repeated fork lift abuse. They have a dramatically longer life cycle and lower repair costs than other pallets types.

History of material handling

A look back at some earlier marketing efforts.