Service and Price

Streator Dependable was contacted along with two other suppliers to build custom containers to store heavy metal parts. Selection was made on price for the first order; two more orders were placed within the next year. The design process leaves nothing to doubt with accurate approval drawings required before start of production. All of the containers are performing as expected with no issues and Streator Dependable will remain on our list for this type of product going forward.

Earl L.
Eaton Corp

Strength and Durability

My primary dealings with Streator Dependable have been purchasing material storage boxes, which we refer to as “Drop Bottom Boxes”. I have been ordering these boxes from Streator almost six years now and these boxes see very heavy use and abuse in our plant. We have had nothing but good results. The boxes are delivered in a timely manner along with a fair price and have shown good durability. I plan to continue working with Streator in the future.

Charlie L
Alcoa Mill Products

Quality and Design

I have been working with Streator Dependable since the 1960’s and I have ordered everything from racks, boxes and pallets to specialty reels and spools. They have been in business since the mid Forties and all that experience has helped them successfully engineer new racks for me as well as trouble shoot existing designs for several of my customers. The reason I have worked with them the past 40 years and will continue to do business with them in the future is that I’ve found that Dependable builds high quality, durable products and stands behind what they sell.

George B.
Geo. M Brown and Assoc.Inc

Delivery and Service

ALP Equipment Company has represented Streator Dependable Mfg for over seventeen years. I highly recommend contacting Streator if you are interested in receiving a rapid response to your request and a quick turnaround time on approval drawings. The quality of their welding is evident when you place one of their containers next to a competitor’s container. My customers are always happy to receive their orders on the date that we promised.

Louis P.
ALP Equipment Company