Steel Bulk Containers 101

To make designing or choosing the correct container for your process a little easier, please use this information as a reference guide to terminology and an overview of different types of units available. This will help you determine the features and benefits of each container and how it will function in your particular operation.(download pdf)

Custom container benefits

We can manufacture a unit specific to individual needs that is durable and will serve you well with many years of safe, dependable use, optimizing your freight cost while protecting your product. Experience has taught us what works and what does not. We will design and build a unit to meet your application needs that will function well into the future.

Typical container terms

Two Way entry – Has fork openings allowing pick up from two opposing sides
Four Way entry – Has fork openings allowing pick up from all four sides (accomplished on unit shown above with the addition of fork tubes on the long side of the unit.)
Usable Dimensions – the “open air” available for storage in the container
Overall Dimensions – the entire “cube” the box occupies
Under Clearance – the distance between the floor and bottom of box where fork lift enters. Industry standard on pallets and containers is 4″

Things to Consider

How much weight will be stored in container?
Do you need them to stack?
Do they need to stack with existing units?
How high will you stack them?
How will they be loaded/unloaded?
Will you be shipping them in a truck?
Will the containers store product or be stored in a manner where they will collect oil, water or other substances?
Will they need to ride on a conveyor?
Do you need any information stenciled or stamped on unit?
Do you need a card holder?
Do you want the container painted?