Reels & Spools

Metal Reels & Steel Spools

When you require a spool to handle your fiber optics, hose, tubing, wire, or rolled materials Streator Dependable can manufacture a reel for you. We can build reels anywhere from 30” to 13’ in diameter. We can also provide stationary or transport storage racks and cradles to assist with transportation and storage. Streator also supplies custom wire containers for flexible materials needs. We have worked with customers in almost every line of work and we have built or repaired just about any type of reel or spool you can think of. From design and fabrication to paint, stencil and assembly, no job is too complex.

Some things to consider when designing your custom spool:

  • What are the dimensions needed for this spool (flange diameter, barrel diameter, distance between flanges)?
  • Does this need a machined hub (need additional info regarding drive and arbor holes)?
  • What “drives” this spool?
  • How fast does this spool spin?
  • Does the spool need balanced (statically or dynamically)?
  • If powder coated, does the inside of the flange and barrel get coated?
  • Is the spool being wound under tension and if so what kind of pressures are exerted (will help determine barrel construction).
  • Do you need any type of pallet or carrier to handle spools between processes?
  • Do you need a hole for starting the wind (in barrel or flange)?
  • Does the inner surface of the flange need to be consistent and smooth (will a corrugation or “spoke” cause issue with winding)?

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