Metal Pallets & Skids

Perhaps the most basic and common of all material handling equipment is the metal pallet. Often referred to as a skid, metal pallets are used across an infinite number of industries to handle a multitude of different types of products. They can be used in process to haul WIP from workstation to workstation or to protect finished product until it gets to point of use.

The basic functionality of a standard pallet can be coupled with our ability to custom tailor the design to your specific operation or product. Features such as:

  • A walk-in cut out to allow easier loading and unloading.
  • Stacking posts to allow you to utilize vertical real estate.
  • Forklift channels to allow you to band and lift off product.
  • Pin locations to easily secure product in transit.

The possibilities are only limited by the need and your imagination.

When product contamination, fire suppression or disposal costs become problematic, a steel or aluminum pallet can be a great alternative to wood or plastic. They afford greater strength, fire resistance and the ability to be cleaned and reused indefinitely. This makes them ideal for supply chain loops.

Bottom line, if you have an application that requires a metal pallet, we can help. Our sales team in conjunction with our engineering staff can help you design a pallet that will get the job done safely and efficiently as possible.

When comparing a steel or aluminum pallet to a wooden or plastic one, the benefits are easy to see. The overall return on investment is much higher than wood and plastic for several reasons. First, aluminum pallets have an incredibly high strength-to-weight ratio even while remaining lightweight. Secondly, they can be sterilized, making them indefinitely reusable and ideal for use in many industries. Aluminum is also naturally fire-resistant and can be used in extreme temperatures. Finally, in terms of life cycle, aluminum pallets can be reused for decades before wearing out. When they do get past their prime, they are recyclable and can be sold for scrap metal.

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