Your material handling equipment should fit your process, not the other way around. Streator Dependable can replicate an existing design, modify one of our current designs to fit your specific needs or design a custom unit to fit your application. You will be amazed how the right container for the job can improve production efficiency.

Download a PDF of our product catalog. – Streator Dependable Product Catalog

Material Handling Containers

Whether you call them bins, boxes, totes, or containers, Streator Dependable has the experience to fabricate a product to accommodate your industrial requirement. We can easily alter existing designs or materials to suit your size and capacity needs. If you don’t see it in our gallery – ask! We love to work with our customers to ensure they choose the right container for the job. » View Container Gallery


Racks are a great alternative in cases where a bulk container is not the best fit. A parts rack provides the product protection you need to make sure the part arrives line side undamaged and in the proper sequence and orientation to keep your production lines humming. By utilizing replaceable dunnage these racks can be modified to accept product changes or new models without needing to replace the entire rack. » View Rack Gallery

Reels and Spools

When you require a metal spool to handle your wire, hose, tubing or fiber optics Streator Dependable can manufacture reels from 16 inches to 8 feet in diameter. Also available, matching transport and stationary storage cradles and racks to help you move and store your reels. » View Reel/Spool Gallery


When product contamination, fire suppression or disposal costs become problematic, a steel or aluminum pallet can be a great alternative to wood or plastic. They afford greater strength, fire resistance and the ability to be cleaned and reused indefinitely. This makes them ideal for supply chain loops. » View Pallet Gallery

Industrial Wire Baskets

Designed with ease of usability and durability, Streator Dependable manufactures its baskets to withstand the rigors of daily handling and rough use. The combination of part visibility, weight reduction benefit, drop gates and collapsibility make baskets the perfect fit for many processes. » View Basket Gallery

Adding Strength Using Corrugation

Metal forming and corrugating technology dates back 150 years and continues to be a relevant and viable option today. Many of the customers who contact us in search of a container are unfamiliar with the role that corrugations play in making stronger, more durable containers. Allow us to share what 70 years of manufacturing material handling containers has taught us. » Find out how corrugation will add strength to your containers.

Powder Coat Paint Colors

Colors shown represent as close a match to the specified color as possible, however, due to variables, such as user monitor capabilities, actual colors may vary. If an exact match is required, we would be happy to provide you with a powder-coated steel sample. Please note that colors with brighter pigments (reds, yellows, and oranges) will require an upcharge as they are more expensive. If you have a question, please feel free to discuss with our Sales Team. » Click here for a printable pdf. Powder Color Selection

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