Do you carry any stock of “standard” containers?

No. All containers are built to your exact specifications when your order is placed.

Frankly, because so many considerations go into choosing the correct container for each individual application, there *is* no “standard” container.  Read the basics about all the different things you need to consider about creating a design to fit your specifications at Containers 101.

Do you sell used containers?

No. Streator Dependable builds to order and does not purchase used containers for resale.

What is the lead time for an order?

Lead times will vary order-to-order, depending on the complexity of the product, availability of any specialty materials and the work load in-house at the time the order is placed. Six weeks from receipt of an order is a general standard lead time, but if the product is needed sooner, we will be glad to negotiate a shorter time. Ask one of our sales professionals what lead times are right now.

Can we request a special color for our product?

Yes. Powder is available in almost any color. Some specialized colors or texture finishes may slightly affect the price. Please see our list of current colors.

Powder Color Selection

Do you have a minimum requirement?

Yes. Because of the initial start-up costs, we generally require a minimum of at least 20 units, depending on the size and complexity of the product. If cost is a concern, we will be glad to recommend another design to meet the criteria, yet be more cost effective.

Will you design a container and sell the engineering to us?

We design products for our customers as an added service of the project development. All rights to the design remain the property of Streator Dependable.


Don’t custom made products cost a lot more?

Not necessarily. We often use a “standard” design, so making dimensional changes is a minor part of the entire project. If a custom container will mean that you run your operation more efficiently or that you can ship more efficiently because of maxing out cubes in a container or truck, then you will be saving money in the long run.

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