Rework and Repair


One of the great things about steel material handling products is their inherent durability. Yet we all know, that no matter how well designed the unit or what amount of training you provide your staff, that eventually you will lose some of your boxes, racks or pallets to attrition. However, all is not lost. Streator Dependable can help. Aided by 70 plus years of experience manufacturing and repairing containers. We’ve worked with customers in almost every line of work and we have built, and repaired just about every type of container. Let us help manage program to get your damaged container brought back into safe working order.


The usual method of developing a rework program goes a little like this:

The customer usually sends in some pictures of the container needing reworked in order to discuss what exactly needs repaired. Based on those conversations a general scope of work is developed. Such as:
• Blast– in order to ensure good welds, and eliminate fume issues your containers will be media blasted to remove old paint and stickers. This usually removes most of the original coating but stickers and “wet paint” finishes do not completely come off. We try to achieve a happy medium of cost vs. finished product.
General repair – this would be a charge to heat, straighten and patch damage to your containers. In regards to holes in containers, we will determine what is and what is not an acceptable opening (again in interest of cost vs. benefit) and identify a common object to use as a gauge such as a golf ball, or softball and if that object fits thru the hole, it needs to be patched. If it doesn’t it can be overlooked.
• Fix/replace parts– Due to repeated types of abuse in the material handling process there are common fail points on most designs. It could be legs, gates, or stacking features. If these are identified on your containers, there will be a per part charge associated with the repair. We can fabricate direct replacement parts, or even upgrade the part to hopefully eliminate that fail point.
• Powder coating – After all work is complete we will powder coat your units to the desired color and reapply any stencil information you require.


Once all the particulars are sorted out we typically request a small lot run to make sure everyone is satisfied with the end result and finish. Then it’s on to full scale “production”!